2015 Communicator of the Year

Alyssa Hottinger
Alyssa Hottinger Senior Communicator

The HRECC Communicator of the Year award is a prestigious honor that is given to one outstanding member of the HRECC annually to recognize their work in all aspects of the job. This is the 11th time that this award has been given and each time it recognized a special individual with unique abilities and contributions to the overall success of the ECC. This award is not just about one individual performance but more about a year-long dedication to the ECC, the citizens of the City and County and the public safety providers that we serve.

Senior Communicator Alyssa Hottinger was name the 2015 Communicator of the Year. She received multiple nominations for this award from their peers and was nominated for a variety of reasons including her willingness to help others as both a co-worker, mentor and trainer, for her willingness to put the needs of the ECC and workplace ahead of their own personal agenda, for her desire to grow in her current role and to seek out every opportunity afforded.

Our Communicator of the year is selected based upon a variety of factors but one significant level of evaluation rests with not just the employee’s skill, but with what they do to make other members of the ECC better and how they put the needs of the ECC before their own personal desires. This year’s recipient has done both. During the past year this person has been heavily involved in the training of new employees. They have worked hard to develop their training skills and have become a valuable member of our training team.

Our Communicator of the year is approaching 5 years of service and is steadfast in her desire to move up the career ladder of the ECC and continue to build her skills and leadership qualities. Most recently she has been added to the Telecommunications Emergency Response Team and the Harrisonburg Communications Cache. She has sought out every opportunity for promotion and sees each occasion as an opportunity for experience and growth in every area.

We congratulate Alyssa Hottinger on being named Communicator of the Year.