The HRECC works collectively with the citizens of our community to provide a teamwork approach to ensuring the safety of our area. Citizen feedback and interaction is an important part of our overall success.

Local Business Information

Is your business prepared for an after-hours emergency? Is your business information up to date? If you have an emergency or an after-hours event do public safety personnel know how to reach someone who holds a key for your business?

If you answered no to any of these questions then it is time to update your after-hours contact information with the HRECC.

This information is not released to any person outside of public safety and is used most exclusively during emergency and/or public safety events that involve your business or property.

This may include, but is not limited to, property damage, breaking and entering, unsecured doors or windows, suspicious activity in or around the property, fire alarm sounding, fire event, law enforcement related event and more.

It is important for the HRECC to be able to reach you, or a representative of your business in the event of an emergency.  In order to do so, we must ensure that we have the most up to date information regarding your after-hours contacts so we can work together to help you.

Local Business

Local Business

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Livestock Emergency Information

Livestock Emergency Information

Livestock Emergency Information

The HRECC wants to help keep your livestock and farmland safe. In the event of an emergency involving livestock or farmland the HRECC is tasked with contacting property owners in order to expedite the process of ensuring the safety of your land and animals. In doing so, the ECC maintains a database which serves as a repository of information regarding livestock locations in Rockingham County and includes the locations, types of livestock, owner information and owner contact.
Without this vital information at the fingertips of the 9-1-1 Center, it can take over an hour to make contact with property owners or victims of crimes or other emergency situations. Simply put, we use this information to better serve you!

Livestock Emergency Information Mail in Forms

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Register your Party

Party Registration

Party Registration

Mass Outdoor Social Gatherings
Small Gatherings
Noise Ordinance
Permit Application

City of Harrisonburg residents can register their social event or gathering through the HRECC. By registering your party you will be provided one courtesy call if a complaint is received for excessive noise from your event. This courtesy call will be made to the responsible person for the event by an ECC Communicator. The person will be instructed to quiet the party and that further violations will result in a law enforcement response with the chance for possible charges.

To register your party call the HRECC at 540-434-4436 today.

 Mass Outdoor Social Gathering Permit Application

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 Section 15-3-2 Noise Violations

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Public Education

Public Education

The HRECC works collectively with the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County residents to provide the highest level of service to those in need. In doing so, the HRECC partners with members of our community and works collectively with them to offer education and outreach related to emergency communications.
If you are interested in receiving information, or request a public education event related to 9-1-1, please notify the HRECC today at Presentations are free of charge and can be designed to meet the needs of the audience.
Help us to help you by learning more about how we can partner to keep our community safe!

Public Education

Public Education

Schedule a Public Education Event

How to file a complaint or commendation

The employees of the Harrisonburg Rockingham Emergency Communications Center appreciate the efforts and consideration of concerned citizens who take the time to commend employee performance.

To commend or compliment the performance of Harrisonburg Rockingham Emergency Communications employee, notify the Operations Manager by calling (540) 432-6150 or mail comments to the address at the bottom of this website.

When a commendation is received, a memorandum will be completed by the Operations Manager and forwarded through the organizational structure to the Director.

Letters of Commendation from citizens are posted for all employees to view and become a part of the employees personnel file.

It is the policy of the Harrisonburg Rockingham Emergency Communications Center is to investigate all allegations and complaints against any staff member.

A complaint can be made in writing or by telephone. Complaints can be anonymous.

A complaint report is completed by the supervisor receiving the complaint based on the information provided to the complainant unless the complainant wish to remain anonymous.

Complaints of misconduct concerning employees will be assigned to the employees direct supervisor.

The Operations Manager will be responsible for the investigation complaints involving criminal activity, complaints against supervisory personnel, and complaints of severe infractions. Complainants shall receive a follow up notification from a member of the ECC once the investigation the complaint is complete.

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